Fine jewelry so affordable you can have a wardrobe of pieces to mix and match every day.

About Us

We're With You so you can be with the people you love.

With You Lockets, Personalized Gifts, Necklace, Jewelry

With you was founded on the belief that nothing is more important than our connection to the people we love. Our jewelry is meant to be personalized so you can carry the people you love with you. Each piece tells a story -- your story! With You jewelry is the physical representation of your love story- the beautiful, stylish emblem that you wear to express it. Love, and all the ways it is expressed between people is our company’s north star. 

In keeping with our mission, we are committed to inclusion, diversity and acceptance. We strive to treat our customers and business partners with the greatest care possible. In doing so, we hope we are doing what we can to bring some more love into the world and make it a better place.