Why You Should Take Family Portraits

Why You Should Take Family Portraits

Everybody looks back and laughs that those typical family portraits from the 80's and 90's. You know the ones, with people gazing off into the distance with big hair and bright, baggy clothing. While they might make you cringe, these family portraits are invaluable. When asked what they'd grab if their house was burning down, most people replied they'd take their family photos. That's because these precious photos offer glimpses into life of the past and are irreplaceable. Here's why taking family portraits is so important!

Watch the Kiddies Grow

Kids grow up in a flash and family portraits are a good way to document this! If you take a yearly portrait you can compare how quickly they sprout and grow. You can document everything from lost baby teeth to new additions to the family!

Never Take a Moment for Granted

You never know where life's path will take you. We should never take for granted that we still have the people we love in our life. Each moment should be cherished with our family members. These family portraits will one day be something you treasure dearly.

Promote Family Togetherness

Having a family portrait done every year is a good way to have another day set aside just for the family. After you have the photoshoot, you can spend the rest of the day doing family activities together. Since you might already be dressed up, you could go out to a nice dinner. Or you could dress down and spend the day outside together! Whatever you choose to do, it could be a day the family looks forward to every year.

Sitting around looking at family photos and reminiscing is such a fun activity that gets better as each year passes. These treasured memories are so special to relive. You'll never regret getting photos done together but you'll definitely regret not having more photos to look at!