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Walking down the asisle

Walking down the asisle


I’m typically a Good Morning America loyalist but while working from home in March, I switched on The Today Show and came across a bubbly young woman named Kaitlin West and her fiancé, John. The couple was in the midst of preparing for their live Today Show wedding.

I researched her story and felt an immediate kinship. She had recently lost her father and was preparing to walk down the aisle without him. It tugged at my heart and I felt the need to connect with her and let her know I understood where she was and that I was sure he would be there with her.

I sent her a note and told her my story and asked if I could meet her while she was in town to give her something I thought might help on her day. We met in NYC, days before her wedding. I gifted her a With You locket anklet with her father’s photo inside.

Her televised wedding was upbeat and a celebration of two loving individuals coming together to set off on their lives as husband and wife. And then, just a few weeks ago, she had a private wedding in her hometown of Chicago – away from cameras and producers and the public eye.

After months of getting to know her, I felt even more connected to her story. Though we were unable to accept her gracious offer to attend (a little ball game called the World Series made airfare prohibitively expensive), we were there in spirit.

With her ankle wrapped in her father’s love, Kaitlin walked down the aisle once again.

She is such a kind and wonderful person and we wanted to take a moment to wish her and John a lifetime of love and happy memories that will remind her that her father is with her always.  -Mikki