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Ultimate Sentimental Gifts for Her

The holiday season is a time that is filled with emotions. There's those cozy, so-happy-your-heart-could-burst moments when you're decorating with the family or snuggled around a cozy fire with cups of hot cocoa. There's also sad moments when you wish far away family could be closer or lost loved ones were by your side. A sentimental gift is the ideal gift for any woman during the holidays.

A photo locket is the ultimate personalized, sentimental gift. You'll be sure to win over her heart when she opens up a beautiful locket necklace with a photo inside. You could tuck a photo of someone she's missing or or of your favorite memory from the past year. She'll think you had spent ages planning this gift when in reality, all you needed to do was pick the locket and upload the photo - we do the rest!

Keep reading to see our top locket picks for the ultimate sentimental gift for her.

1. Keep Family Photos in the Birdie Locket Necklace


This photo locket is a modern take on vintage lockets as it slides open! The intricately designed filigree offers a peek at the photo you've chosen to keep inside. This gift is perfect for the lady who would love her very own unique, personalized gift. She'd love to slide open the locket to see a picture of her family. We can easily put a favorite family photo in the Birdie locket for you! This personalized locket is sterling silver and features a petite diamond in its center.


2. Keep Love Close in the Rose Heart Locket


This little beauty is the Rose heart locket necklace. This locket is the perfect place to tuck a photo of someone near and dear to her heart. She'll be certain to shed tears of joy when she opens up her Rose photo locket to see a photo of a loved one inside! A heart locket is a deeply thoughtful gift that is super easy because we can put the photo inside for you! The Rose locket comes in sterling silver and yellow gold plated and features sparkling diamonds.


3. Tuck Your Love Story in the Mary Heart Locket


There's no better way to say "I Love You" than a heart locket! Heart lockets have been a classic gift for years. The Mary heart locket necklace is one of our best sellers. Let us put a photo of you and your lady in the Mary photo locket for the ultimate sentimental gift! She'll be so surprised by your thoughtful, personalized gift! The best part? This locket starts at $99! The Mary locket comes in sterling silver or rose gold and yellow gold plated with stunning white topaz stones.


4. Put Two Photos in the Roxy Locket Necklace


If you're having trouble deciding on what photo to put in her locket, you could put two of her most cherished memories in the Roxy two photo locket necklace. This locket is perfect to wear everyday. Imagine the look on her face when she opens up this gorgeous little locket to see two treasured photos inside!  This beautiful sterling silver locket has gorgeous white topaz stones.

5. Place a Photo of Someone She's Missing in the Elsie Locket


The holidays can be bittersweet when you're missing someone. Wishing you could be eating Christmas cookies or enjoying the snowy weather with someone when you just can't is tough. That's why the Elsie locket with a photo of someone she's missing inside is the ultimate sentimental gift! This gift allows her to keep their love close whether they are near or far. She'll be so touched that you thought of such a sweet gift! The Elsie photo locket comes in sterling silver and yellow gold or rose gold plated and features eye-catching white topaz stones.


6. Tuck Sweet Baby Photos in the Mimi Locket


The Mimi locket is the perfect place for baby pictures! Commemorate baby's first Christmas by gifting her a photo with sweet baby photos inside. Any mom would be over the moon to wear a locket with photos of her baby inside. She'll be able to show off the photos whenever she likes. And when she's missing those chubby baby cheeks, she can just slide open her Mimi locket! Plus, this customizable photo locket holds two photos! The Mimi locket comes in sterling silver or yellow gold and rose gold plated and is accented with a petite diamond stone in its center.  

7. The Clara Locket is "Purrfect" for Pet Pictures

If she has a pet who is her best friend and constant companion, gift her a locket with a photo of her beloved pet inside! She'll love that even when they have to be apart, she can still see his or her sweet little face whenever she wants. The Clara is a unique heart locket has a toggle clasp and plenty of sparkling white topaz stones. The Clara heart locket comes in sterling silver and yellow gold or rose gold plated.


8. Honor Her Soldier in the Meagan Locket


The Meagan dog tag locket is the ultimate sentimental gift for the military girlfriend or wife or for the woman who is serving. If she's missing her soldier during the holiday season, she'll treasure a locket with his photo inside! Or if she herself is serving, a locket is the perfect way to keep love close. Let us put a photo of someone brave and courageous in the Meagan dog tag locket. The perfect sentimental gift for an army wife! The Meagan dog tag locket is sterling silver and features a halo of white topaz stones.

Some of the tips include:

  • Making sure there is plenty of background for us to crop the photo
  • Ensure the photo isn't too washed out or dark
  • Having faces close together in the photo