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The Anniversary Trip | With You Jewelry

The Anniversary Trip


My husband and I celebrated our five-year anniversary on the 16th. We marked the occasion with a trip to Punta Cana with some of our closest friends.

We agonized for a good amount of time over whether to bring Olivia, but ultimately decided to leave her home. The couples we were traveling with had grown kids or no kids and it felt like a great excuse to have adult time, something we both desperately needed.

We got to Punta Cana on Thursday and, as quickly as we could, set off for the pool. We were immediately struck by how much fun she would have had with us. There were some pangs of guilt that were further promoted each time we saw a little girl frolicking in the sand.

Technology allowed us to Skype and Viber with her the whole time and, as you can imagine, she was completely fine. Full confession… she was actually having the time of her life with our nanny and her son, Brian.

To say the guilt disappeared would be telling a fib, but we did have one of the best weekends of our lives, catching up with old friends who live far from us.

I brought my Michael necklace with me. There’s a family photo in it that I held tight most of the trip. She may not have seen the Caribbean yet, but she was with us every moment we were gone.

Life is back to normal now. We kind of like it that way too.

- Mikki