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Still Wearing White

While traditional fashion rules dictate putting away our whites after Labor Day, I just can’t seem to comply. Summer is my favorite season and with a few more weeks before we officially wish it farewell, it seems unfair to make such a drastic change to my closet, which is filled to the brim with white clothes.

No one sets a deadline on retiring our winter sweaters when Spring approaches. If it’s cold, you keep them in rotation until the weather thaws. My winter coat far outstayed its welcome this year, remaining a solid wardrobe staple well into April.

It is still 90 degrees here in NY and if that weather doesn’t warrant a white cotton dress, I don’t know what does. There is plenty of time ahead for brisk days that warrant cozy clothes, boots and, yes, my dreaded winter coat.

But for now, and until September 22nd, I’m sticking with my whites. Viva La Summer!