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Something Old, Something New | Wedding Jewelry & Accessories

Over years, bridal trends have come and gone but wedding traditions seem to always remain the same. There are so many beautiful wedding traditions - from the sweet first dance to the exchanging of the vows. One of the most popular traditions is that a bride carries something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue on her wedding day for good luck. Wearing something old and something new is definitely not a requirement. However, it gives a sense of purpose to each carefully hand-selected piece of wedding jewelry or accessories that you wear and creates beautiful stories and heirlooms. Originating from an old English rhyme, this wedding tradition has stood the test of time. So what does "something old something new" mean? And what are some ways that you can incorporate the something old something new tradition into your wedding? Wedding jewelry and accessories can be the perfect way to finish off your bridal look in a meaningful way. We love the something old something blue tradition because it brings together and includes all your loved ones in your wedding.

Something Old to Remember The Past 

There are many takes on what the "something old" part represents. To some, the something old is a symbol of family traditions. Family traditions are full of history and stories. They are what keep the memory of past generations alive and the glue that hold today's families to together. 

What to Wear

Many brides wear a family heirloom such as an heirloom necklace or wedding ring as part of their something old something new. Parents of the bride use this opportunity to pass on heirloom jewelry for this special occasion. If you're searching for a something old something new gift idea, an heirloom is the perfect gift idea.Another idea would be to wear the wedding ring from a grandparent or great-grandparent. If the ring isn't your size or the necklace isn't quite your style, a creative idea is to sew it into your dress or have it fastened to your bouquet. This gesture pays homage to the generations before you who made your family what it is today!The something old from your something old something new reminds us that your wedding day is about celebrating two families, their history, and bringing them all together as one. Bridal jewelry doesn't always have to be shiny and new. Wedding jewelry can also be a cherished item that was worn by, loved, and passed down through generations. 

Something New for a New Chapter

As you take the next step together to begin the next chapter of your lives together, the something new is a symbol of all that is yet to come. Wedding day jewelry for the bride is the most fun way to incorporate your something new to your collection for your something old something new. It shows off your own style and can be an opportunity to invest in a beautiful piece of bridal jewelry that can become your own heirloom!

What to Wear

Whether you're searching for rose gold bridal jewelry for your something new or you're more traditional and wish for wedding jewelry with pearls, this is your chance to finish off your wedding look with a bridal necklace or bracelet that is a symbol of your love and marriage. Your bridal jewelry accessories should be a reflection of the pure love of your relationship.Our favorite pearl bridal bracelet is the Claire pearl locket bracelet. It has a vintage feel and is a truly luxe wedding bracelet. The multi-faceted quartz and mother of pearl center stone is haloed by radiant white topaz and is finished off by four strands of freshwater pearls. You wouldn't know it at first glance, but the pendant opens to hold your favorite memory inside. It's a truly stunning sentimental piece of pearl bridal jewelry.

Something Borrowed for Extra Luck

While checking off your something old something new list, don't forget the something borrowed! The something borrowed represents borrowed good fortune and happiness. It was believed that wearing something from a happy marriage would mean their good luck would rub off and lead to a successful marriage for the new couple.

What to Wear

Think of the most happy, inspiring marriage in your life - it could be your parents or a good friend. Ask if you can incorporate something from their wedding into yours. The bride could borrow a bridal veil or a sentimental pearl wedding necklace. Bridal jewelry accessories are the most meaningful when they come from those who inspire you in the health and happiness of their wedding.

Something Blue for a Strong Marriage

In the something old something new wedding tradition, the last part is the something blue. The blue color represents the love, purity and fidelity that make for a strong marriage. Something blue ideas can range from subtle and understated to bold and colorful.