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Mother's Day Spotlight: Dustin Bateman

Mother's Day Spotlight: Dustin Bateman

This is the story of the love of a young man for this mother and his grandmother.

And of his wish to pay tribute to his mother with a keepsake locket.

And of how With You fulfilled this wish in a memorable way.

Recently, With You founder Troy Haley was addressing a high school student group about starting and growing a business. Following his presentation, Troy was approached by Dustin Bateman, a high school student in attendance. He had been inspired by Troy’s speech and, at that moment, understood at last how he could help his mother grieve the loss of her own mother.

May, a month more generous and abundant than most, delivers us Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day we celebrate the bonds of life and of love. We mark a generational passage of time.  Spring evokes an awakening as new life stirs. It recalls the circles of life, overlapping. As we say goodbye to something dear, something else – new made – emerges to love and cherish. The peepers begin to stir. There is a promise of fireflies. People sit out late on a porch looking at the budding trees – silver flecked and green.

Dustin, an upstanding and considerate young man from a line of strong women, wanted a keepsake locket to present to his mother.

Dustin wrote to Troy, explaining how he wanted to find a way to purchase a locket containing a photograph of her mother for his mother. The problem? He was a student studying and working hard to save money to help with household expenses. Moved by the kindness and consideration of this young man, Troy took it upon himself to make all necessary arrangements.

Watch the sweet reveal below. (Grab a hankie).

Dustin explained that his grandmother had died in May of 2011. He describes his own devastation and calls her his best friend. He speaks to the extreme sadness and grief his mother endured at the loss of her mother. Dustin remembers the upheaval in their lives as they navigated their grief journey together. They supported and healed one another. His mother continued to work to provide for him. Dustin wanted – urgently – to help his mother.

Writing about the death of his grandmother, Dustin was moved to love his mother as much as possible in her lifetime:

When [my grandmother] passed away I had locked myself in my room and barely ever came out. I had lost not only my grandmother, but my best friend. I want to give my mother something to remember her by and I couldn't think of anything better that this locket. Thank you very much for your help!

Photos and video Courtesy of Bateman Family. Used with Permission.