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Mother To Daughter Wedding Gifts

Mother to Daughter Wedding Gifts | To My Daughter on Her Wedding Day

So you're searching for a mother to daughter wedding gift and naturally you want it to be as special as she is. The first time your daughter wrapped her tiny hand around your finger was pure magic. As her mother, you made a promise in that moment to her and yourself - that you would raise her to realize that anything she wants in life is within her reach. As she grew and became more curious about the world around her, she undoubtedly asked about your own wedding day. You showed her pictures, shared keepsakes, and recalled special memories from that day. And as many little girls do, she would then play dress up and put on her own little pretend wedding. It's hard to believe that the real thing is just around the corner! As her mother, you couldn't be any more proud of the woman she has become. And you're so glad she found a partner who brings out the very best in her. You're excited to watch them head off on this new journey together. To commemorate such a special time in her life, you're searching for a special gift for your daughter on her wedding day. You don't want to give her just anything either! On her wedding day, you want to give your daughter a gift that she can treasure as she takes this big step in her life and relationship. So what gift can you give your daughter on her wedding day? We've come up with some gift ideas from a mother to a daughter for her wedding that tell her that you love her more than anything and you're wishing the newlywed couple the best of luck.

A Handwritten Letter

A gift for your daughter on her wedding day doesn't have to be expensive or flashy. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are those which come from the heart. A letter handwritten by you is a gift that would tug at her heartstrings. Weddings are an emotional time filled with joy, stress, and every emotion in between. As she prepares to become a Mrs., now is a wonderful time to reflect on your mother-daughter bond. All those moments leading up to today are filled with memories of both triumphs and tears. Watching her grow up has been your absolute pride and joy. In this letter, include fond memories and your best wedding advice. This sentimental mother to daughter wedding gift truly comes from the heart and will become her keepsake.  

A Wedding Memory Book

Planning and coordinating a wedding can be very stressful for a bride -- not to mention it goes by in a flash! One idea for a mother to daughter wedding gift is a wedding memory book. In this book, write down every moment from planning her big day and save mementos, keepsakes, and photos. You could even ask her bridesmaids and maid of honor to write messages and memories in the book as well. In the future, she'll love being able to look back on this special time in her life.

A Photo Album

If you're the sort of mom who loved to record every moment of her daughter's childhood, a photo album makes for a lovely wedding gift from mother to daughter on her wedding day. From the silly moments to the family vacations and the moments when she made you so proud you could burst, put each memory into the album. This photo album will a treasured item in her new married household. And she can one day share these precious photos with her own children! If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you could ask the groom's parents for photos from his childhood to include in the photo album as well. Their combined photos and memories make for a truly one of a kind gift to give your daughter on her wedding day.

A Photo Locket

A locket is a personalized gift that she can wear and cherish well after the vows have been exchanged. To make this sentimental wedding gift from mother to daughter even more special, add your favorite photo of you and her from her childhood. If you choose a locket that can hold two photos, you could leave the other side blank for her to tuck a photo from her wedding.  A locket is also a thoughtful wedding gift idea for the bride that is missing someone on her big day. A locket with their photo inside allows them to walk her down the aisle as she wears the photo locket. Let us put cherished memories in one of our lockets for a lovely keepsake wedding gift from mother to daughter. Explore our wedding day lockets which makes the perfect gift.

Pass Down an Heirloom

Weddings are all about family. They're an occasion where the entire family comes together and celebrates their history -- and future. Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to pass down a family heirloom. Whether it's a piece of jewelry passed down through generations or something that you wore on your own wedding day, she'll be honored to receive this mother to daughter wedding gift steeped in family history.

A Personalized Wedding Handkerchief

The tradition of having a handkerchief actually dates back hundreds of years! Wedding handkerchiefs are a classic wedding gift for those involved in the wedding to dry tears of joy on such an emotional day. From the vows to the speeches to the first dance, there are so many moments during a wedding that may evoke some tears. Wedding handkerchiefs are a beautiful keepsake for daughter on her wedding day. She may even have it framed to display after the big day.  It's customary to have wedding handkerchiefs embroidered with something personal. Some ideas could be the date of the wedding or a supportive and loving message.