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Join the women of One Tree Hill and Random Acts to help the people of North Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence. #CapeFearlessChallenge | With You Jewelry

Join the women of One Tree Hill and Random Acts to help the people of North Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence. #CapeFearlessChallenge

We would like to take a minute to ask you to please consider donating to help the people of North Carolina after Hurricane Florence. Many of us are in shock watching this natural disaster unfold and this provides a way for us to help, even if just a little bit. Random Acts  and the women from the hit T.V. show One Tree Hill have teamed up to launch a fundraiser to help those who really need it.

A Personal Note from Mikki Glass, With You Lockets Founder and President

I have known my friend Brooke since 2004 and she’s from Winston Salem, North Carolina and grew up going to Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington since she was a kid. On our many trips to visit her hometown while we were living in NYC as single girls, we used to go see her old stomping grounds and after having Olivia, we traveled one Labor Day weekend and rented our first house on the beach in Carolina Beach, the beach right next door to Wrightsville.

Growing up in Ohio, my only beach vacations were when I went to visit my grandparents in Florida so this was a totally new beach for me and one I immediately fell in love with. So our family flew down to meet Brooke and her now husband, Doug, with our friends, Kevin and Sue and had the trip of a lifetime.

It was the first time Olivia put her feet in the ocean. It was our first real vacation as a family. And it was the first time we got to really know Doug, who is currently now one of our all-time favorite people.

We had a ball eating seafood (lots and lots of crab legs) drinking wine, fishing in the ocean, laughing and falling in love with a place we would visit many more times over the years. In fact, we just spent a week in Kure Beach, the last of the three beaches in Wilmington, North Carolina, this past July. We rented our own beach house with Kevin and Sue and relived all of our favorite memories of six years before.

I tell you all of this to share our love of a City that has become our home away from home and a place we love to make wonderful memories for our family.  They are the kinds of memories we put in our lockets that remind us where we’ve been and how much love we have in our lives. Our memories are keepsakes we hold on tight to long after we leave those beaches.

Watching the Hurricane Florence wreak her havoc over the last week in North Carolina has devastated so many of us, but sometimes when these natural disasters happen in places we have never been, they feel a little less real and so for us, these places and people are very real to us and this community truly needs our help.

Yesterday morning, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw our friend, Hilarie Burton’s post on Wilmington. We have been working with Hilarie on another project, Astor Services for Children and Families, so we know her heart and we know that when she puts her mind to help with something, she helps with something.

On her Instagram, Hilarie had posted the following touching message about the hurricane:

"Social media can be really phony and smoke + mirrors. Here's my ugly, no filter truth. I'm sitting here in bed going through the endless pictures of Wilmington NC that my friends and family are posting in the wake of the hurricane, and I'm devastated. Been crying off and on all day. 
Some of my loved ones stayed. Some left. It was a lose/lose situation. If you left, you have no idea what has happened with your home. If you managed to escape total flooding, there could be a leak in the room or a window or a door that is seeping in water. If you stayed, you're facing a shortage of supplies, no fuel, sewage in the water, tornados, downed power lines, sink holes, destroyed roads -virtually nothing is safe. 
The deaths are agonizing. The heartbreak of the first responders who have to keep going is.....there just aren't words. It's all unrelenting and unbearably sad. 
I feel helpless. And so if Wilmington NC has ever meant something to you...if youve ever been entertained by its beauty as the backdrop to Matlock or Muppets in Space or Lolita or Blue Velvet or any of these other countless gems. please consider donating to support the film crews, the business owners, the local communities, the landscape that has captured so many of our hearts. 
Teaming with Random Acts (who puts money directly into the community without any middlemen) the women of OTH invite you to join the #capefearlesschallenge 
We can't fix the whole wide world. But if a few donations or the purchasing of tshirts can help one devastated family, ten families, a hundred all adds up. 
Thank you. Sincerely. Xo" 

We have been raising money alongside Hilarie Burton for the last three years and her commitment is relentless and her ability to rally her troops (like her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan, friends Paul Rudd, Mary Masterson and Griffin Dunne), has helped us raise a lot of money to help children in need.

(Complete side promotional note for a good cause, With You Jewelry is  currently working with Astor Services for Children and Families on a line of photo lockets created by the children who live there…look for their launch in October...ALL the proceeds will go to Astor!!!!)

She’s doing it again for Wilmington, North Carolina, her hometown and a town where she filmed One Tree Hill, starting a campaign with her cast-mates from the show alongside Random Acts to raise money to help the people of North Carolina affected by Hurricane Florence.