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Including Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding | With You Jewelry

Including Lost Loved Ones in Your Wedding

If you've been following our brand, then you know the story of how the idea for With You Lockets was conceived. If you're new around here, we'd like to share the sweet, touching story with you. Our founder, Mikki Glass, lost her father following a battle with brain cancer. A while later, her sister was getting married and Mikki wanted to find a way to include him in the wedding in a private way. She came up with the idea to gift her sister a locket anklet with the photo of her father tucked inside so that he could walk her down the aisle. She realized that lockets are a beautiful way of including lost loved ones on your wedding day and keeping love close every day.

If you're getting married soon, you're probably gathering a list of the guests you'd like to invite. You'd love to look out during the wedding ceremony and see all the tear-filled eyes and smiles from every cherished friend and family member watching you exchange vows and proclaim your love. Weddings are joyous days to celebrate love and life. It can be difficult as a bride or groom to know that a loved one you've lost won't be able to witness such a momentous day. You might want to honor a loved one you're missing in a public way for all of the wedding-goers to see. Or, you might want to do something more intimate and private like the locket Mikki gifted to her sister. Whichever you chose, here are some ways to honor someone missing from your wedding day.

Honoring Someone in a Public Way

If the person missing from your wedding was a family member or someone many of your wedding guests loved and miss, you might consider doing a more public gesture. Here are some ideas.

  1. One of the most popular ways of including lost loved ones at a wedding is by leaving a chair empty at the ceremony. You might place one of their belongings on the chair or put a sign telling people that this chair honors the memory of a loved one.
  2. Set up a table or display of photos of your loved one. Seeing their face on your wedding day will make the day feel even more special.
  3. Include a mention or moment of silence in your ceremony to honor the person. You might quote their favorite saying or share a personal story.
  4. Ask wedding guests to donate to a cause the person cared for.
  5. After the wedding, ask your photographer to Photoshop the missing person into a photo from your wedding day so you can feel like they were there with you.

Honoring Someone in an Intimate Way

If you'd prefer including lost loved ones in your wedding in a more private way, here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Sew a note from the person or a photo of them into your wedding gown. You could also sew a piece of their clothing into your dress. You'll know the person you lost is so close to you on your special day.
  2. Wear a piece of their jewelry. Wearing a special heirloom piece makes your wedding look feel so special and personalized. If you have their wedding band, you could wear it on a chain around your neck.
  3. Include their favorite flower in your bouquet. This is a special touch only you and a few others will know about but you'll know you're including that person in your day.
  4. Wear their wedding dress or veil. If you have it, this is a gorgeous way to include them. Even if you just put it on for a few photos, you'll know you included them in a special way.