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Is it just us or does December move way too quickly? It’s time to hit the pause button! How? Here are some ideas:

  • put away the computer/tablet/screen and pick up the phone to call someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with
  • bake some cookies to take to work/school/a friend/a stranger
  • throw your kids’ nightly ritual aside and stay up late with cocoa and a good book you can read aloud
  • walk outside and let your breath smoke in the cold air
  • gather some friends and makes a plan to go caroling this weekend
  • play Santa! Contact your local post office to get a letter that can make a child's Christmas wishes come true
  • go find the house decked out in the brightest holiday lights and relish in their glory
  • most importantly, hug someone you love

Whatever it is that you do, savor the moment and let it become part of your holiday memories! So much better than fighting the crowds for shopping!