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Dainty, Delicate Jewelry: Our Top Picks

Dainty, Delicate Jewelry: Our Top Picks

Dainty, delicate jewelry has been having a big moment lately. We're a big fan of the simple, yet chic look it offers. You can effortlessly layer strands of delicate chains and dainty pendants to create a look that is uniquely your own. Dainty necklaces, bracelets, and rings are a good investment because of its versatility. Wearing multiple pieces adds sparkle and glam to an everyday look and on the other hand, donning just one piece simply finishes off an outfit. Delicate jewelry complements your everyday ensemble, your work attire, and even your night-out garb! It's no wonder that the world seems to be enamored with delicate, feminine jewelry right now.

And if you're searching for a jewelry to gift to a girlfriend, mom, or sister, you can't go wrong with delicate, minimalist jewelry. Chances are it will play well with the jewelry in her beloved collection. And what woman wouldn't love more options to mix and match with her jewelry! Even if you're not sure what type of jewelry she would like, dainty jewelry looks fantastic on everybody.

In honor of the delicate jewelry trend, here are some of our most favorite dainty necklaces perfect for carrying a photo of a loved one close and that would also look gorgeous layered with other simple pendants and necklaces. We love this idea because we believe that each piece of jewelry you own has a story. When you wear them all together, you create a beautiful mosaic of memories and stories.


The Laney Locket


This dainty necklace will look right at home along with your other minimalist jewelry. The petite pendant is suspended from a dainty chain and would look stunning layered with other pieces. The Laney is available in rose gold over silver or in silver. Rose gold is also trending right now, so the Laney is almost essential! The best part is that few people would guess that this dainty rose gold plated pendant (accented with diamonds!) actually opens up to reveal a photo inside. A beautiful way to incorporate meaningful, sentimental jewelry into your collection.

Shop the locket here. Starts at $340.


The Bea Locket


The Bea is a delicate sterling silver locket necklace just perfect for holding your favorite story. It could be a sweet memory with a loved one or photo from a favorite trip. This piece of dainty jewelry is made to celebrate those in your life that bring you joy and give you strength. Featuring a stunning intricate design with radiant diamonds, the Bea is a simple delicate pendant that you need in your collection.

Shop the Bea here. From $259.



The Cora Locket 


If you're on the hunt for a dainty lariat necklace, the Cora is the perfect match for you. The locket pendant is hung on a strand of silver with dainty pink pearls. The Cora is a beautiful way to finish off an outfit that could be either casual or dressy. And we bet anyone would be surprised when you open the pendant to sneak a look at the photo inside! Pay homage to your most precious memories with this one of a kind delicate locket.

Shop the Cora here. Starts at $311.


The Gia Locket


The Gia locket pendant may be petite and dainty, but the color of the blue lapis lazuli and quartz stone packs a bold punch. For those who adore all things bright and beautiful, the Gia locket is a necessity. This simple, delicate necklace could even be worn as a bride's "something blue"! As a delicate bridal necklace, the Gia could carry a photo of a loved one that a bride is missing on her wedding day.

Shop the Gia here. From $109.


The Colette Locket


A beautiful outwards expression of your faith, the Colette is a timeless piece of delicate jewelry. Available in sterling silver or yellow gold over silver, this locket necklace features a simple cross design on its oval pendant. This locket with a cherished memory inside is just begging to be worn along with other meaningful dainty jewelry.

Shop the Colette here. Starts at $149.


The Mickey Locket


The Mickey necklace is simply stunning. The tiny round pendant features a white quartz and mother of pearl stone haloed by lustrous diamonds. This classic and timeless design means this piece of dainty personalized jewelry will probably become a family heirloom. Available as a sterling silver or dainty yellow gold plated necklace.

Shop the Mickey here. From $359.


The Lucy Locket


This whimsical little locket is a piece of delicate jewelry that is unlike anything else you own. The white glass stone will go with anything you wear and the photo you tuck inside the pendant will bring a sense of courage and motivation whenever you look at it. This simple, dainty pendant hangs from a delicate silver chain that is available in a variety of lengths, perfect for layering!

Shop the Lucy here. Starts at $118.


The Roxette Locket


The Roxette is the perfect everyday dainty necklace. The perfect compliment to a little black dress (or t-shirt), this piece of dainty jewelry can do it all. Crafted from sterling silver and with radiant white topaz stones, each time you clasp this delicate necklace around your neck, you'll know love is close.

Shop the Roxette here. From $109.